By: Kate Maeder, Chapter Director

Last Friday, stories of BatKid filled the airways and the streets of San Francisco as the Make a Wish Foundation transformed the city into Gotham City for the day to fulfill the dream of five-year-old Miles Scott, who is battling leukemia.

BatKid rescued a damsel from that crafty Riddler, who tied the woman to the cable car tracks – and he later saved the San Francisco Giants Mascot, Lou Seal, from the villainous Penguin. His courage and valor was rewarded with a key to the city presented by Mayor Ed Lee outside of City Hall.


But where did BatKid learn all of his superhero crime-fighting skills?

Circus Center, led by NLC San Francisco board member Barry Kendall, held an all day training session with young Miles. From acrobatics to somersaults to yes, even the trapeze, Batkid was ready for action as he zoomed across the city in his own Bat Mobile, saving the day and warming hearts across the nation.


We couldn’t be more proud of Miles Scott, who’s been fighting cancer since he was just one year old – and all of the tremendous support from the armies of volunteers who helped make a little boy’s dream come true.

This event is one that we’ll never forget and it brought the community together. Here in San Francisco, community is one of the most valued assets we pride ourselves on. Compassion and charity are feelings we cherish – and the remarkable and unforgettable story of BatKid, even for just one day, helped all of us remember just how important family, friends, and helping others truly are.

That’s what New Leaders Council stands for – the idea that we all need to work together to solve society’s greatest challenges, to fight for equality for all and to protect others who need it most. We’re honored to say that our own Barry Kendall and other members of the NLC San Francisco community helped make this moment possible.

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